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Hopefully you can get some use out of these calculators.
1 - Whole house Manual-J based Load Calculator
2 - Manual S based sizing calculator
3 - Balance Point calculator
4 - HVAC Helper is a diagnostic aid to help with trouble shooting specific problems.
5- Psychrometric calculator calculates properties of air and total system btu's.
6 - Superheat calculator gives design superheat from outdoor and indoor conditions for a fixed metering system.
7 - Motor/Cap calculator explains and give results for capacitors in series. It also explains a little about multi-speed motors and estimates proper amp draw for each speed.
8 - CFM calculator shows CFM using temperature rise or velocity formulas.
9- Defrost sensor shows the resistance for temperature ratings.
10 - Ductboard calculates the 4 different cuts for rectangular duct.
11 - Gas Pressure calculates the temp pressure of R22, R410 & Nitorgen
12 - Ohms Law calculator

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